Happy 10th Anniversary to my YouTube Channel

Did you know I even had a YouTube channel? Well it’s been starving for content for years. I completely forgot that it hit a diamond anniversary this year, that’s how active I’ve been with it and the community.

My Favorite Cover

If you’ve never seen my page its okay. Not a lot of people know. For the first couple of years of its creation, I didn’t share it with anyone. I quietly made covers of super emo songs in my bedroom and posted them online before everyone else with thousand dollar guitars and actual recording equipment made a career out of it. Yup, just me, my sister’s guitar, and a Sony point and shoot camera. No microphone, no editing software, no mixing equipment. It’s all raw unedited footage. Youtube was very rudimentary at the time too. You couldn’t choose a YT thumbnail picture for click-baiting and ONLY 240p resolution.

Unfortunately, I lost the original videos when my laptop hard drive crashed back in 2009. So I’m glad the internet is forever in this case. Looking back, I wasn’t very good. But I was also not very serious about it. I was just lucky to be one of the few with content that was posted.

My Most Popular One

Oh man just watching it now, I’m recalling all the time wasted making these. I guess the purpose of making these was to express what I was feeling at the time, and to release some stress from college. It was important to me to be creative and keep those juices flowing. On a subconscious level they were probably a cloying audition tape for any girls willing to be wooed by lowly old me.

My Most Hated

I made some money, I had some good stories, and I guess I had some fun. Looking back at 23 year old Deo is comical. Here’s to that bright eyed boy with many clouds to fight and many future drinks to consume. Cheers to that version of me.

My Last One

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