The Last Dance We Shared Before I Proposed

A couple of nights before Christmas Day my now fiance and I were sitting at our dining room table – she, grading her student’s papers, and I, wrapping the last of the Christmas gifts. The living room adjacent was booming music based on Youtube algorithms, acting as a DJ for the soundtrack of the year 2016.

She sat there unaware that a ring destined for her was waiting patiently in the next room. I sat across from her calm and at peace. Content. All happy like. It really didn’t matter all the terrible things that happened this year or previous years. It didn’t matter I learned I failed my test that day. All I cared was this moment of blissful harmony. And I thought maybe all those bad times that happened this year only made the good things in life stand out more. They narrowed my focus on the really good things that truly mattered in my life. Like the one in front of me.

As soon as The 1975 song “Falling For You” came on I took her hand and lead her to the middle of the living room. Among the lit Christmas tree and red holly, we slow danced. We held each other up and rested our heads on each others shoulders. A prism of colors from the TV and Christmas lights bounced off the ceiling, walls, and her newly dyed red hair. The glint of her eyes were particularly devastating. We continued the two-step as the music buzzed through the hardwood floors up into our feet. I chuckled internally, knowing that her world will change in a couple of days. We may have been unofficially married for years, but in two days it would be the beginning of a new chapter for us. That was exciting to me. And as I lip-synced the lyrics to the song, I knew exactly that I didn’t want to be anywhere else, or in any different time in history.

That would be the last time I danced with my fiance before proposing to her in front of her family. It will live on in my brain as one of my favorite memories. Bring it on 2017. No matter what happens good or bad, as long as she’s there with me, it’ll be a riot.


2 thoughts on “The Last Dance We Shared Before I Proposed

  1. Beautiful description of a beautiful moment!
    Congratulations to the both of you as you continue life’s journey together.

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