Guard the Throne, Garbage Time: Season 3 is Coming


Photos via Fox Sports 1: Garbage Time, Fox Entertainment Group  |  Videos via Garbage Time YouTube  |  Words by Me (Not affiliated with Fox Sports 1 or Garbage Time TV Show)

Why you should care about ‘Garbage Time w/ Katie Nolan’ and how to nerd out about the new wave of sports edu-tainment

The Indispensable Host | Katie Nolan (@katienolan)

Mascot of the underdogs, prodigy of none – Katie is as hilarious as she is quick-witted and charming. Unique in her perspective, she is more than qualified as a television personality to helm a new generation of women entering the modern internet-driven world of sports media.

Garbage Time Season 3
Via Garbage Time Instagram

The Content

The comedy of Late Night mixed with the poignancy of John Stewart’s final words. The Daily Show/Colbert Report of Sports.

The writing of Garbage Time is just as sharp its host. The show’s producers constantly provide entertaining content for Katie to manage, and for the audience to react to. Comedy is built into the show with smattering amounts of puns, ‘dad-jokes’, and parodies. Other sports networks should be envious by the shear amount of personality emanating from this 20-min show as Garbage Time isn’t afraid to experiment and try formats that traditional sports shows are afraid to tackle.

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The Podcast

The left jab of the Garbage Time’s one-two punch. The Garbage Time Podcast, which talks about the TV show Garbage Time, includes content that Katie and the show’s producers couldn’t show during their short TV show. Included are interviews that are deeper than a Sam Bradford touchdown; with comedians, news anchors, and celebrities all joining the fray. There’s also tons of color commentary and hot takes to listen to from the show’s producers and the illustrious Nolan herself.

High Praise

Bill Simmons, formerly of the B.S. Report Podcast, laments dropping the ball on Katie Nolan when trying to recruit talent for Grantland. Other sports media luminaries like Mike Francesa, Rachel Nichols, Michelle Beadle, and Jay Glazer, praise Nolan and the show’s work. Season 2 of Garbage Time garnered an Emmy nod for Outstanding Sports Studio Show. And finally, rightfully so, the Podcast is consistently among the Top 10 Sports Podcasts on iTunes.

Sounds Awesome Where Do I Start to Follow and Subscribe?

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Can’t wait until Season 3 starts Wednesday May 4, 2016.  Expect more hilarity and fun times ahead. Congrats to the Garbage Time Staff for the nom and the renewal. LET’S GO!!!




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