Facebook is destroying my personality

Probably the whitest of the white person problems

Starting sometime in 2016 I’ll be deactivating my Facebook. Can’t say if I’ll return or not, but for now it’s best to take my leave. Facebook has been sabotaging my creativity for a while now and this has been a long time coming.

Here’s some background. My household hasn’t subscribed to TV for over 5 years, so when I started feeling pissy and annoyed every time I scrolled through my FB feed an epiphany happened and I realized that Facebook is the equivalent to watching pointless zombifying commercials and garbage reality TV shows –  ZuckerCo has just been really sly about disguising it. After being really fed up by all the crap flowing through my feed, I’m done.

Facebook has done some good things. I kept coming back for all the good stuff, like watching my friends get married, have children, buy a house, travel to exotic lands, create movies, and calligraphy. Unfortunately, I had to slog through hundreds of garbage advertisements and posts that I care absolutely nothing about. IDO-NOT-CARE what pages my friends like or how many times they commented on a viral video. And seriously, gullible people sharing what is obviously SPAM is my newest contender for worst pet peeve. Zuckerberg ain’t gonna give you five bucks or start charging Facebook users for access, not when you pay him anyway to do it for free; ARGHGHGH AND those Target giftcard posts [fuming]. It angers the blood just thinking about it. What’s worse is that Facebook isn’t helping to alleviate any of this nonsense because it ultimately helps their bottom line.

Pawel Kuczynski01

Creating time by using it effectively

More importantly, I’m canceling Facebook because I’ve noticed that I don’t create anything anymore. Facebook isn’t very conducive to creating anything. Just sharing. I just consume consume consume on the daily and it’s been making me feel bummed out that I’m forgetting who I am. Instead, we are being programmed to believe what to like by some mathematical algorithm built within the Facebook code because some programming engineer put it there. All I want is an honest feeling that I genuinely liked something not just because the maths that profiled me determined that I’d ‘Like’ it.

Now that I’m older with my good health, a house, loving relationship, and enough money in my bank account, I realize now more than ever that time is a commodity that I can no longer afford. It’s moving past so quickly now, years whiz by like months and wasting my time on dumb Facebook garbage isn’t a good investment of my time. Life is big. It requires time to fit in it. If that makes any sense.

Preserving self worth

Developing an identity after high school was tough. I didn’t really hit my groove until my senior year of college. There I was at my peak creative powers right after a break up. All the writing, drawing, YouTube videos, and photography I was producing were emotionally driven and that really meant something important to me – finally defining who I was going to be. I valued that time more than any moment in my life because I finally knew what I was capable of. I didn’t like the shitty emo parts, but the feeling invincible parts were rather good. The “world-is-large-I-can-cherry-pick-anything-I-want-to-do” parts were good. I want to get back to that. I always start thinking about this meme when remembering that time, because it’s funny realizing how much you thought you really cared about someone but give it time and we all grow up.


Hi ;)

I’ll still be living in the 21st century. I’ll just focus on other creative social medias like the Snapchats and the Twitters. So this is an ‘until next time’ farewell, and hope to see you in real life. Hopefully the next time we meet we’ll be more creative, insightful, and self-fulfilled. If I don’t see you ever again, it’s okay. We’ll be okay. Just remember that meme I posted up above.


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