The One About Katie Nolan


Perusing the internet can sure come up with cool stuff sometimes. Meme’s, Buzzfeed lists, and YouTube channels are frequently digested in a normal computer sitting, especially for someone in my demographic. But YouTube celebrities somehow get a lion share of my viewing time mainly because they’re an immediate window into someone’s personality. That and I want to see if I’m crazy or sane when thinking about certain things. I used to follow lonelygirl15 before the hoax revelation, and DailyGrace, and DeStorm; but they, like many others *cough* Jenna *Marbles *cough* eventually became commercialized and started doing things for views. Even though I know that’s probably not true, it just felt like it. That genuine feeling of honesty had been taken away. I guess it is the eventuality and an end game for most YouTubers. And realistically, how awesome would it be to be making money doing something you love?

Anyway, when I came across Katie Nolan when she worked for the men’s entertainment website Guyism, producing a show called the Speed Round. I found her from recommendations through the now defunct Google Reader. At the time I kept thinking, why does this website keep posting her everyday? I assumed she was just another really great looking person that read the news like millions of other YouTube denizens. Boy was I wrong. Hearing her jokes and watching her honest screen presence was really refreshing. Her strong personality showed in her delivery and conviction. Couple that with a few effectively used swear words into the mix and I was hooked. She was leagues more interesting than DailyGrace, more entertaining than Mamrie Hart, and far more endearing than Hannah Hart (The unofficial Youtube trifecta). And yet Katie, while producing videos every single day, only had a handful of followers especially when compared to the big three. This was a huge imbalance in my mind; almost an injustice. Surely, this lady should deserve much more admiration than that. So I started to do what I never thought I would do on the internet with strangers, and I started to interact with them!

Normally, I never communicate with strangers on the internet. I have a rule that if I’ve never met you in real life, then I won’t ever contact you via Message, text, email, add, tweet, etc. That’s just how I operated for a really long time. People from around the world used to message me on YouTube about how to learn guitar covers for songs or to donate money to them in Africa or ask me to marry them and I ignored them at large. But all that changed when I started watching Miss Nolan. First I subscribed to the Guyism Youtube channel and watched almost daily. Then the Katie Nolan channel. Then her Facebook, her Instagram, then finally her Twitter. (The latter which I used to think was utterly useless, until I found the reason to have it.) I was actively communicating with her and other Speed Round fans every day. I became, for lack of a better word, absorbed.

‘Incredibly funny’ is how I would describe her to my friends. I started getting them on the bandwagon by telling them to start following her. They instantly dialed into her humor. The jokes were solid; written well and delivered well. My friends started to ask me why I failed to mention how undeniably attractive she is. The point would’ve been moot, because it really shouldn’t matter how she looked. Don’t get it mixed though Katie is a double threat. NO doubt.


As time wore on, I kept spreading the gospel of K.N. around enough to the point where I’m pretty sure my girlfriend was annoyed. (She later surprised me saying that Katie is in her top 10. Yes, that kind of top 10) I hoped that all the sharing and retweets would help in some incremental way towards a more successful, more infamously visible Katie Nolan. Then the moment came when she was hired onto the Crowd Goes Wild Television show, created for the fledgling Fox Sports 1 network, sharing the screen with Regis Philbin no less. It’s a perfect fit for her to talk sports and take her existing joke-telling news-slinging format into prime time. She is finally getting the exposure she deserves and gets to talk to celebrities from sports and from entertainment on the daily. I couldn’t feel more proud for her, well except for maybe her parents who are incredibly preshh.

I was pretty fortunate to witness the rise of a future star’s humbling beginnings. She has the right stuff, she just needed an outlet to express it. And now she finally has it. As for the culture Katie created with the Speed Round I will always remember her posts about her comedic standup, broken down cars, bar tending, and talking about delicious fatty foods. I will miss the drunken Speed Rounds, her guest friends (BarHavoc!), her snorting, and her bug flip outs. The new show, No Filter, is really funny and entertaining. Thankfully you can still see a little Speed Round DNA in there. I highly recommend you watch.

Sadly, her new job is more time demanding, and is a more professionally managed and politically correct news outlet. As a long distance fan, I will probably never get the same fan service she used to dole out to me and others. (Don’t get me started on the day she started following me on Twitter or when she said my name wrong and then correctly during SR, I totally lost my shit those days) But that’s okay! I will never forget how cool it felt to talk anonymously to someone on the other side of the country and have them simply talk back. I will never forget that Katie. Thank you. And with that note I will excuse myself and reply to all those YouTube (marriage proposals) messages I’ve received and hopefully share that same thrill of connecting with someone from thousands of miles away.


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